Larissa Savage CPDT-KA ~ Owner/ Lead Team Member and Trainer

Larissa was born and raised in Cumberland where she completed K-12 and graduated from Greely High School in 2015. Larissa always had a soft spot for animals all her life after being raised with and around multiple breeds of dogs, multiple personality type cats, small animals, and small and large farm animals, and the list keeps growing as time goes on. Being around all these animals was wonderful for Larissa, her experience with the therapy dogs of her high school(Jasmine, RIP 2012, Jade, enjoying her retirement since June 2019) are what really lead her to find her passion in working with animals.
Larissa and her partner, Dan, and their son currently live in Freeport, Maine with their many animals; 3 Canine Team Members, Harley (a Black Lab mix, age 4 as of January 20,2019) and Saoirse (a Golden Retriever, age 4 as of December 20,2019.) Raven (Golden retriever, age 1 as of September 23, 2020) Two Feline littermate Team Members, Toothless and Jackson (age 5, as of September 1,2020) The rest of the team members are a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats and Holland Lop rabbits
Larissa is constantly continuing her knowledge of animals by attending webinars, training classes, and other animal related events. In 2019 Larissa became a AKC CGC Evaluator and earned her Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) title.

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Passion for all animals!

My interest animals has been consistent throughout my life but I really peaked interest in early high school of having animals being my career. In 2017 Sit Stay Play was created to help give more structure for my rescue dog's, Harley, life. Since then I have expanded our services from dog walking to pet sitting and now a huge focus on dog training.



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Larissa's partner. Also Larissa's second in command/backup/support