PupCare is my small in home daycare service for dog friendly dogs that need help maintaining structure of your dog's day. We focus on keeping your dog happy both mentally and physically with positive reinforcement training, allowing cool down times, and playtimes, and maybe even a fun outing in town Freeport or on a local trail. 
Space is very limited so contact for availability.
All Crew Members will be considered on a probational period as the Residential Team Members have final say.
Starting at $40/day; possible Pet Taxi available for an additional fee.



This option is great for all animals, not just dogs. I can stop by for potty breaks, litter changes, water changes, just checking in, or even watering your plants.
Starting at $15



Going away? We have your back when it comes to your pack! We offer pet sitting options that are meant to help mimic your routine with your crew to help elevate the stress of you being gone. Pet sitting isn't just for dogs and cats, we can take care of all sorts of animals big and small! I am no longer staying overnight in others homes. 

Starting prices are:
Dogs $60/day with x3 visits
Cats $40/day with x2 visits
Small animals $30/day with x2 visits
Large Farm animals $50/day x2 visits
Small farm animals $30/day x2 visits
Additional visits +$10


As of November 1st 2020 Poetic Gold Farm closed to the public for an unknown amount of time due to COVID-19 because of this Larissa Savage CPDT-KA will not be teaching classes there at this time.



Going away? Want a specialized and personalized care for your dog? I can offer in my home care while you are away. Your dog will experience the life of luxury along side my personal dogs and family in my home with our fully fenced in yard, numerous dog beds, toys galore, and yummy special treats. Located in Freeport we have the privilege to have a dog friendly downtown that I walk crew members around. As well as we have many local trails that we often frequent with the pups both off leash(if reliable and will be tested) and on leash to abide with the local leash laws. Reach out ASAP to reserve your pups spot as we have a maximum of 8 dogs including our 3 personal dogs to make sure we can offer quality specialized care. 
Starting at $60 a day



Need to get your dog to point A to point B, I can help with my Pet Taxi service!
Subject to availability, Contact to see if I can help
Rates Starting at $10 plus mileage


Here's some of my puppy training packages:

Private in your home 1 hour $200

Puppy Set Up Consultation 1hour $100

I come into your home and help assess the set up for your puppy to meet the needs of puppy and your family, ideally before they come home. Includes personalized puppy packet which covers my must haves, puppy potty schedule and my personal puppy 101 notes

Puppy Basics Package 6 sessions(1hour each)$900

I come to you for these sessions, I encourage 1 session be used at a different location that we mutually agree on to work on distractions. Course covers puppy basic obedience (sit, down, stay, come, leash walking, etc)

Teenagers Scare Me Package 4 sessions(1hour each) $600

I come to you for these sessions. Teenage puppies can be intimidating and bring a whole new challenge just when you thought you had the puppy basics down. Sessions are specialized to your pup. Often cover things like jumping, pulling on leash, no begging, etc.

Board and Train contact me for pricing

This option is great for a new puppy or new addition of any age that you want help to jump start the basics or even a current dog that you need assistance to be able to live successfully with. Duration is typically 2-4 weeks and is specialized to you and your dogs needs. Includes:

my B&T packet which covers dog's hierarchy of needs, my dog and/or puppy 101 notes, my training philosophy and methods along with my mission statement, commands your dog will learn and what they mean, 

A 30 minute drop off to go over the training plan and to go over any questions

Video and photo updates during the program

A 1.5 hour pick up session to teach you how to maintain the progress that your dog has made in the program

A 1 hour private follow up session in your home about 3 weeks post B&T

and much more 

Private Puppy Training 


AKC Canine Good Citizen tests $15/test, $10/test for a group of 4 or more

AKC Trick Title tests  $15/test, $10/test for a group of 4 or more

AKC Virtual Home Manners test $15/test

Don't know if I offer a service? Feel free to email me at and maybe I can accommodate your request