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Command vs Trick?

Command Vs. Trick? When I think of my dogs' commands I think of things that are helpful or a necessity for my dog to know. For me, tricks are meant to be fun, non-necessity, "Look at what my dog can do!"


I'm going to list the commands and there descriptions based on the order that I teach them in my household. Just do everything in your and your dog's own pace. Please remember what we expect out of our own pets may differ and that's okay! Pet ownership from person to person varies, that's okay! My expectations of my dogs are that I give a command once with either a hand signal or verbal and they follow through with the command. If they don't meet my expectations my dogs aren't wrong, it means I didn't follow through on the 3 D's of training. For those of you who don't know the 3D's of training or those who are just new to the training world they are; Distance, Duration, Distraction. I also like to proof my behaviors by doing them in 3 or more locations that do not include my home, my parents home, or a home they are familiar with. To learn more visit https://www.dogstardaily.com/blogs/three-d’s-dog-training-and-why-you-need-know-about-them

(Name)-their name (remember that their name should be different from their recall)

Sit~ bottom on the ground

Watch me~ to look at my face (focus)

Come~ from a distance come to me, also known as a recall

Down~ laying down on the ground

Stay~ Stay in the exact position asked without moving until release word is used

Wait~ Wait in the spot, until I pass the doorway or until the blanket is adjusted on the bed (this is a very loose term)

Touch/Target~ touch dogs nose to hand or target stick

Place/mat~ go to their "place" and sit/down

Leave it~ do not touch it/eat it (I suggest when training this that you use this command on one thing and reward with a different item/food)

Stand~ to become standing on all fours(or 3's depending on dog)

Get in~ get into heeling position and sit (matching the seam of my pants)

Heel~ walking matching the seam of my pants

Front~ come to the front of you and sit


Remember tricks are fun and are meant to be kept light! With my dogs being really young, at least in my eyes (2 years old), we are still mastering our commands so our trick list is a little shorter at the moment for one dog over the other but we will be adding to this list as time goes on. The list is in order of my memory and partially in order to the order learned.

Under~ to lay down under my legs when I'm sitting

Center/peakaboo~ come between my legs facing the same direction as me

Catch~ catch a ball/treat/toy/etc in their mouth

Crawl~ start in a down position and "crawl" on the floor

Namaste/bow~ bow with their front legs

Roll over~ start in a down and roll into another down

Paw/low five~ place paw in your hand

High five~ touch paw to hand

Wave~ raise paw for a moment

Spin~ turn in a circle to the left/clockwise

Twirl~ turn in a circle to the right/counterclockwise

Find it~ find a ball