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I'm baaacccckkkk..... Almost

November 26th I am making a come back and things will be ch-ch-ch-changing!


A new puppertunity for social medium to large breed puppies is rolling out at Sit Stay Play this late fall. 2-3 lucky pups will have the puppertunity to ride along with me and my family all day with structured play time, outdoor adventures, naps, etc. Contact me ASAP to learn more as spots are limited.

Also more training opportunities are coming soon so make sure to check back here and watch the Poetic Gold Farm website for ore info. Classes will be $180 for a 6 week course.


I have a bunch of housekeeping things to address so bare with me and pay close attention.

-Snow is officially here so just a reminder if Yarmouth schools have a snow day then so do we!

-I will no longer be offering in your home overnights as I'm adjusting to my new life as a mom.

-Signing up for walks will be structured a little different than normal because of such a high demand of mid-day adventure walks in multiple towns. please contact me to set up a plan of action.

-I will no longer be offering solo walks as I am limiting services to put more focus on our adventure walks and training. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

-I will save select time slots for last minute emergencies but space will be extremely limited. I will be posting my new schedule to help understand it and how to make it best fit your needs.

-I will also be unifying prices as I've slightly raised my prices since starting early last summer.

Pricing is as followed:

Adventure Walks/visits

15 min $10

30 min $15

45 min $20

60 min $25

Pet sitting

Dogs $60/day with x3 visits

Cats $40/day with x2 visits

Small animals $30/day with x2 visits

Large Farm animals $50/day x2 visits

Small farm animals $30/day x2 visits

Additional visits +$10

Pupcare $50/day including pick up/drop off

If you have any questions regarding these changes please contact me via email, petplayservice@gmail.com or text me at 207-751-9458