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Prevention is key, here's what Sit Stay Play is doing...

Not my photo but it's fitting

Not my photo but it seems fitting

So let's talk about the nastiness that's happening. There are numerous illnesses and diseases going around right now and we, as a community, need to work on prevention. At this time, 2pm on Thursday March 12th, I will continue all services. However some changes will be made.

Owners of Crew Members I ask that you:

-Let me know ASAP if a member of your household is sick(Strep, Cold, Flu, COVID-19, etc) as I will be temporarily canceling services to your household until ALL members are healthy. No cancelation fee will be charged. Failure to do so, ie I arrive to the children/you home sick etc, a full cancellation fee will be charged and no service will be completed.

-If you attend my classes, please bring your own high value treats. I recommend a few different varieties as no hands other than mine in my treat bags please.

-Wash your hands frequently and often(for at least 20 Seconds!)

What I will be doing to reduce risks:

-I have a large bottle of hand sanitizer(with at least 60% alcohol content) in my car for my use upon entering and exiting houses/stores/facilities. On top of normal hand washing practices (Remember it's for at least 20 seconds, sing the abc's!)

-I will not be using client dogs for demos in classes and I will not be handling other peoples leashes in the class setting.

- AKC has requested no Hand Shakes in their CGC testing

I thank you for your cooperation with these things to keep us all safe!