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Update: Doing Our Part RE:Covid-19


Due to Covid-19 Poetic Gold Farm will be closed for 2 weeks starting today, 3/16. This decision was not taken lightly as this decision does effect the livelihood of many of the instructors. We came to the conclusion canceling classes and participating in social distancing will be us doing our part to help flatten the curve.

So classes that started 2/23 will restart tentatively on 4/5 and the final class will be 4/12.

-I will be attempting to put together some videos to cover the topics for the 2 remaining classes for those that can not make the last 2 classes or wish to continue social distancing.

-I also will be putting short videos on my Facebook business page and Instagram for tips for training or how to's also some of my treat favorites and product favorites.

Classes that were suppose to start 4/5 will now start 5/3.

Starting 5/3 at Poetic Gold with Larissa Savage CPDT-KA

1pm STAR Puppy

2pm Family Dog Manners

3pm Trick Novice and Intermediate (FULL)

Walks/Potty Breaks

I'm still offering this service at this moment (3/16)

Owners of Crew Members I ask that you:

-Let me know ASAP if a member of your household is sick(Strep, Cold, Flu, COVID-19, etc) as I will be temporarily canceling services to your household until ALL members are healthy. No cancelation fee will be charged. Failure to do so, ie I arrive to the children/you home sick etc, a full cancellation fee will be charged and no service will be completed.

What I will be doing to reduce risks:

-I have a large bottle of hand sanitizer(with at least 60% alcohol content) in my car for my use upon entering and exiting houses/stores/facilities. On top of normal hand washing practices (Remember it's for at least 20 seconds, sing the abc's!)


I'm still offering this service at this moment (3/16)

-I am asking that only dogs will gain entry to my home

-extra hand washing will occur on my end after handling client leashes and collars

- I know that dogs can not transfer the virus to each other or from human to pet or pet to human we are just taking precautions

-I am using a disinfectant product called KennelSol and a bleach/water mixture to clean all crates and surfaces. The reason I am not using Lysol spray is that it is extremely toxic to cats and we have two kitty team members that we also want to keep safe.